For 26 years the Pathfinder Conference has been held in the month of March.  Recently though our conference has found itself competing with three other major DoD conferences during this same general timeframe. More and more, holding our annual conference in March has become counter productive to reaching Pathfinders goals of educating, identifying contracting opportunities, and providing for networking opportunities between contractors and government personnel. Therefore, the Pathfinder Board of Directors (BoD) determined it necessary to shift our annual meeting to a fall timeframe, electing to join forces with the Armed Forces Communications and Electronic Association (AFCEA) Huntsville chapter in holding a two day Classified/Unclassified symposium this year.

The 15-16 September AFCES Huntsville and Pathfinder Fall symposium will bring classified payload discussions together with the traditional unclassified presentations for the load carrying vehicles; thus creating a comprehensive 2 day event. In Fall 2016, the Annual Pathfinder Conference will be structured as it has been for decades.