AUVSI Pathfinder is proud to bring you another entertaining Unmanned Event. The 2015 event exceeded our expectations having the most participants we have ever had. The increase was not just exhibitors, participants and speakers, but people simply wanting to see what our community is all about. More and more people are interested in the wide variety of unmanned technology presented at the Pathfinder Event. 

2015 had several unique presentations which varied from unmanned farm equipment to robotic surgery to our traditional Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).  The 2016 Pathfinder Event will have a special classified session the first day of the event. Last falls classified session proved to was well received and the 2016 version is expected to be even better with more true classified presentations. 

The classified session will be followed by presentations from the Huntsville Community and Redstone Arsenal Leadership about their initiatives with Unmanned Systems, then an Academic Panel about new technologies for the unmanned community. Approximately 3/4 of a day will be set aside for the Army’s UAS offices to explain the future direction and potential business opportunities. The remaining time will be dedicated to other interest areas in the unmanned community.

As many of you know, in years past, we invited many of the schools Pathfinder has sponsored, to spend 1/2 day at the event showcasing their unmanned projects. Last year the schools were in the exhibit hall and were a hit. This year is no exception and we have several schools that have done some amazing projects that will be part of the event.

Military and Civilian Government personnel will be allowed to participate at NO FEE.