Thank You

Thanks to our sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees for your incredible support for the 30th Annual Pathfinder Symposium. We would not be able to put on this show without your support. We especially want to thank the moderators and panelist who came from around the country at their own expense. You provided our industry partners with the key insights that they need to address the requirements of the unmanned industry. We want to thank COL Scott Anderson, the PM UAS staff, and PEO Aviation who provided leadership, support, insights, and advice that took our event to a new level.


Check out the links to our Symposium news coverage:

We witnessed a kind of spontaneous combustion with 75 first responders descending on Huntsville from around the state of Alabama. The incredible excitement in unmanned systems from these first responders has inspired us. Our chapter is determined to meet your challenges and become better advocates, provide more training, and increase venues for the exchange of ideas.  A big thanks to FEMA and Travis Potter for your passion and leadership for getting these life safety tools out to first responders around the country.

Finally its year two at our new venues Davidson Hall and the National Geographic Theater all at the US Space and Rocket Center. This partnership and venue have simply changed the atmosphere for our chapter and those who support us. I actually lost count of the attendees how stood in awe and frankly shame that lived in North Alabama their whole life and never visited. The US Space and Rocket Center is a true National Treasure and everyone needs to support them. Of course, our relationship extends beyond the venue. Our organizations share the same passion to advocate for students and STEM educators. This year the Pathfinder Chapter will add another $70,000 dollars to the over half-million dollars in grants to STEM educators and students. Our strategic partnership with the US Space and Rocket Center over these two years has been amazing. We want to thank Dr. Barnhart and her staff for making us feel like part of the family. 

We encourage everyone who attended please get more involved. We hold our monthly board meetings at the Space and Rocket Center, typically the first Wednesday of the Month, when we all get to pull a chair up around Dr. Werner Von Braun's historic conference table. That experience alone is worth the trip  

We promise not to rest on our success, next year will be the best year ever!


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